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Elokuu 2022 Security koulutukset listattuna

Tulevat koulutukset listattuna: 

29.8.2022 ~ 30.8.2022 Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

29.8.2022 ~ 2.9.2022 SC- 900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals | Cloud Fundamentals for Partners

29.8.2022 ~ 2.9.2022 Cloud Fundamentals for Partners

13.9.2022 ~ 14.9.2022 Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Modernize Security and Defend Against Threats

19.9.2022 ~ 20.9.2022 Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Zero Trust

28.9.2022 ~ 29.9.2022 Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Protect Data and Manage Risk

Until ~ 1.10.2022 Keep your certifications active with Certification Renewal

Until ~ 1.10.2022 Security, Compliance, & Identity Partner Sales Acceleration Program (PSAP)

Until ~ 1.10.2022 SC 300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (on-demand VTS)

Until ~ 1.10.2022 Microsoft Trusted Cloud - Security, Privacy, Compliance and Transparency

Until ~ 1.10.2022 SC-900: Security, Identity and Compliance Fundamentals (On-Demand VTS)

Until ~ 1.10.2022 Microsoft Security Operations Analyst (SC-200) (On-Demand VTS)

Until ~ 1.10.2022 Microsoft Information Protection Administrator (SC-400) (On-Demand VTS)

26.12.2022 WEWC2307 Partner Training for Microsoft’s ‘Compliance Conversation’ Whiteboard presentation

Until ~ 27.6.2023 Microsoft Sales Bootcamp Series

Until ~ 30.6.2023 WEWC2861 Elevate Security for your customers’ business with Microsoft Defender for Business

Until ~ 1.7.2023 WEWC2862 Microsoft VIVA Bootcamp


Visitor 1

Some of the links direct to learning path that has expired or does not work, example :
SC 300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (on-demand VTS)


Thanks for noticing this issue, I will forward this as urgent and hopefully it will get fixed quickly.