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Cannot determine how to find a company that provides technical support to other partners

I believe there is a term for this (Indirect Partner?), but I am having trouble figuring out how to find a company that works with Microsoft Partners on things like (1) licensing (for example, I cannot figure out how to deal with the capacity issue and I need to streamline licensing for some clients) and (2) technical support (e.g., scripting).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@4Moons Indirect Partner (Indirect Provider, Indirect Reseller) refers to Partners in the CSP licensing program  - if you are Indirect Reseller you work with Indirect providers for provisioning licenses into your end customer tenants and receive support via them as well. However, not sure if Indirect providers provide this kind of licensing optimization guidance (Software Asset Management/SAM) and I also expect they do not provide consulting services on scripting - you could ask them about the scope of the services they provide when you resell CSP licenses via them to your customers.

You can find providers here:


On the other hand, you can simply contact any Microsoft Partner with expertise in the desired area (like licensing guidance or technical consultation), like any customer would do, and ask them to collaborate with you. You can find Partners in your area here: Microsoft AppSource – destination for business apps


And finally you can ask here in the forum for help from other Partners 🙂



Kind regards, Janosch
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