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A dedicated area for Partners to connect on the topic of IoT.


Getting Started: How to Be a Microsoft Partner

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been advocating a lot for taking advantage of Microsoft’s IoT offerings for partners, but now it’s time for you to get started on becoming a partner too!

Step 1: Become an official Microsoft Partner

This may seem obvious, but now that you’re interested in becoming a partner, you have to become one.

Step 2: Access IoT sales, technical and marketing resources

If you’re gonna look into making and selling IoT solutions, make sure you’ve got resources on hand. They cover a variety of needs, from sales pitch decks to how marketing can position IoT within your organization’s offerings!

Step 3: Get noticed by IoT sellers and customers

Once you’ve established your IoT practice you have the chance to get showcased to other partners!

Step 4: Connect with other IoT partners

There’s a lot to learn from others. Connecting with Microsoft’s global network of partners can help grow the community. Let’s help spread the knowledge and power of IoT!

Step 5: Stay up to date on Microsoft’s IoT offerings and portfolio!

It’s important to stay up to date with all of Microsoft’s offerings, and you can do so easily here.