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An In-Depth Look to How AvePoint Utilizes Azure IoT

After talking about getting started as a partner, I wanted to rewind and go into more depth on AvePoint’s own experience using Azure IoT Hub.

We integrated Azure IoT Hub into AvePoint Citizen Services, allowing governments to operate more efficiently by connecting and managing their IoT assets. With IoT and predictive analytics, government agencies can spot issues before citizens even encounter them.


Consider a city public works department in charge of maintaining streetlights. Using the IoT capabilities of AvePoint Citizen Services, department officials can obtain immediate notification when a streetlight bulb burns out — without waiting for a citizen to report it. And, by combining IoT with Azure Machine Learning, they can actually predict which bulbs are about to fail, and change them before they do.

Capabilities such as these can help governments save substantial time and money. Think about a maintenance worker sent to replace that bulb: If the worker knows that 10 others in the neighborhood are about to burn out, he can fix them all during the same trip. In addition, department officials can identify patterns that improve purchasing decisions — for example, that a particular light bulb brand has a high rate of failure in cold weather and should therefore be avoided in the future.

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