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Partner Alert - Announcing the shutdown of Intelligent Asset Manager

Hello SAM Partner Community,


Today we are announcing the shutdown of Intelligent Asset Manager (IAM). On March 1, 2019, the servers supporting IAM will be turned off permanently. We believe this change better supports our goal of making it easier for our Partners to do business with Microsoft. 


A key dependency of IAM in the SAM & Compliance (SAM&C) Channel Incentive process was the production of Established Deployment Position (EDP) as Proof of Execution (POE) for Partner payout. 


As IAM will no longer be available, we are making the following changes to the SAM&C Channel Incentive process for Solution Assessments:


  1. Established Deployment Position (EDP) will no longer be required as Proof of Execution (POE). All open engagements in CHIP today for approved SAM Solution Assessments will not require EDP. 
  2. All future Solution Assessments approved in CHIP will no longer require EDP as POE.
  3. The two items of POE which continue to be required are the Letter of Engagement (LOE), and the Final Assessment Report submitted by the Partner into CHIP, to be reviewed and approved by the SAM EM. 


To reiterate for clarity:

  • IAM will no longer be available after Close of Business on February 28, 2019
  • POE submitted to CHIP in the form of an LOE, and Final Assessment report are still required for Incentive payment.



  • Please see the attached FAQ
  • Please contact your local SAM&C Lead or @IAM Support (iamsupport@microsoft.com) for any questions. Note that IAM support alias is available until March 1, 2019 to help answer your questions.


Thank you for your understanding and support.

Microsoft SAM Team

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Re: Partner Alert - Announcing the shutdown of Intelligent Asset Manager

Good decision. Very time consuming for partners with very little value.