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Reminder of upcoming January 2022 changes in the MCI program

Dear partners,


This is a reminder of upcoming January 2022 Changes in the MCI program:


  • The CSP customer add accelerator available in the CSP incentive program will move to the MCI program.


  • New commerce transactions will be eligible for CSP customer add incentive opportunities.


  • The OSU Business Applications partner incentive will cease compensating partners associated to their Power BI customers via DPOR after December 31, 2021.


  • Incentives for Power BI and D365 Customer Insights are covered by Microsoft Commerce Incentives. Please click here for more details.


  • From January 1, 2022, partner incentives will be provided for Power BI usage under the Microsoft Commerce Incentives program (MCI). For partners to continue to be compensated for driving active usage for Power BI, partners must re-associate themselves to Power BI customers using Partner Admin Link (PAL).