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One centralized digital signature solution for a worldwide legal coverage.




Have you ever heard of Digital Transaction Management? These tools might help you drive that aspect of your digital transformation.

Connective has three connected tools which could help you to streamline your digital transformation.


  • Connective Identity Hub: who is on the other side?

When doing business digitally one of the most important aspects is to know who is on the other side of the digital channel. Via the Identity Hub, it is possible to enable the electronic identification of the counterparty.


  • Connective Smart documents: all in one flexible solution

The second step is to present your customers with digital content. The tool facilitates you to generate any kind of digital content such as word, pdf, and responsive mail based on predefined templates.


  • Connective eSignatures: close the deal without wasting any more time.

Last but not least, the final signatures… eSignatures enable to place legally binding digital signatures (eSignatures) in accordance with a wide range of regulations, going from eIDAS to UETA eSign ACT, Swiss Zertes law, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more.


Connective helps every organization, no matter the size or industry, to do business any place, anywhere, and anytime – in a fully digital way. With their Identity Hub, Smart Documents solutions, and eSignatures customers can streamline their digital transactions across borders and transform any paper-based customer journey (e.g. digital onboarding, KYC, and contract management) into an unparalleled digital user experience.


Customer Benefits:

  • A ‘glocal’ solution: next to globally accepted identification and signature methods such as a manual signature, SMS or MAIL OTP, Video verification via Swisscom,… Connective’s solutions also encompass local digital identity initiatives such as any eID card (including SwissID), itsme, iDIN, FranceConnect, Luxtrust,…
  • Fully compliant with, Zertes (Switzerland), eIDAS Regulation (EU), UETA & e-sign ACT (US), Singapore law, Hong Kong Law, GDPR, …
  • Combining 3 products for a full Digital Transaction Management flow is what makes Connective unique.
  • Make use of our available connectors such as Connective eSignatures for Microsoft PowerAutomate to flawlessly integrate eSignatures in any of your business tools.


Have a taste of what the user experience feels like:



Here are some examples to show in action what Connective can offer:

End to end digital onboarding processes for digital banking products such as new credit card request resulted in an increased conversion rate of 300% & approval cycle from 10 days to real-time.

Fully digital HR contract management including a centralized signature hub for several HR branches doing +15 Million electronic signatures Santander Digital onboarding process including KYC via local eID card or mobile identity.

Learn more about the above customer success stories and many more on the website: https://connective.eu/category/customer-success-stories/



Find out more info on their AppSource page or on their website!

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Sample manuals


Whitepaper Digital signatures: https://info.connective.eu/hubfs/Whitepapers/20181031_Whitepaper%20Connective%20Digital%20Signatures.pdf

Legal Whitepaper: https://info.connective.eu/hubfs/Whitepapers/DLA%20Piper%20for%20Connective%20eSignatures%20(June%202020).pdf


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