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Migrate to the cloud with NTT SAP on Microsoft Azure



NTT SAP on Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive solution to help companies with SAP landscapes in their journey to S/4HANA. The combined SAP experience, coupled with advanced conversion and migration tools, provide a unique platform for accelerating the digital transformation journey while minimizing business disruption. NTT Managed Services on SAP are based on a continuous cycle of operation and optimization to ensure the best performance with an on-going increase of efficiency and modernization of the platforms and technologies used.


As a highly respected security provider, they always build their solutions based on the principle “Secure by Design”, this means being aware of cybersecurity at all levels of business and building security into the solution from the very start and it doesn’t stop there. The team works with clients to optimize the applications, and access surrounding technologies such as IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, to enhance the client experience by creating business value through predictive and operational analytics.


SAP on Azure with NTT benefits & strengths include:

  1. SAP Hybrid: Deliver a seamless service model covering SAP on Azure deployment models.
  2. Migration & Transformation fabrics: Leverage migration and transformation blueprint to automate and speed up SAP & S/4HANA migration to Azure.
  3. Integrated workload scope: Look at all workloads integrated with SAP, providing their customers with a complete solution.
  4. Security first: As NTT are recognized as security leaders, they provide highly secure SAP on Azure architectures & services.
  5. Managed complete: Provide agile managed services on Azure workloads, SAP Basis and SAP AMS.



For more details, please contact:

  1. Principal Client Partner, Gunter Dewitte at gunter.dewitte@global.ntt
  2. Business Development Manager Microsoft Azure, Kris Heymans at kris.heymans@global.ntt 


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