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Aproove: the Business Process Management fitting your business vertical




The way we work is evolving at a fast pace. Keeping up with the speed of business today is not always easy. Additionally, don’t you want to simply use your time on useful aspects of your business? Aproove went from an online Proofing solution to a complete and evolving Work Management solution to answer your needs.


It accelerates your productivity with powerful Workflow Automation, Task Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Online Proofing tools. It can now all be achieved in one single place. The silos are broken down to have the correct tools given at the right time to the right people combined in a centralized overview platform. 


Automate your process

It helps streamline your structured and repeatable processes and enables you to be ready to add any new tasks to your processes more efficiently. You will apply rules, compliance, and security at every step helping you to act accordingly.


Set up form intake 

Gathering the right information takes time and energy. Setting form as part of the workflow helps collect the information in a structured manner. The data can be stored and used to automate further your tasks.


Online Proofing: the efficiency you need

This is the end of having files with multiple versions. The online proofing lets you keep a clear view of what the modifications are in the uploaded files. You know what to revise and skip the rest, already approved.


The reasons to use Aproove

Remote working has changed the game. The right tools are needed to keep the engagement high, keep the collaboration going, and keep track of your tasks at any time and wherever you are on the globe.

Time to market rose: your productivity must follow. To do so, we all need to work smarter and more efficiently.


The partnerships 

Aproove Work Management uses Microsoft.Net technology and the Microsoft Azure hosting platform offering the flexibility, scalability, and security you need at a global scale. “Aproove is the only cloud-based work Management platform that uses original Adobe and Microsoft libraries to guarantee complete accuracy.”


L’Oréal, Publicis, Panasonic, and many more trust Aproove. Check their website to see the large panel of sectors they have helped to achieve more.



Find out more info on their AppSource page or their website! 




Xavier Dorvillers