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Public Sector Netherlands City and Regions partner update

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The past year I've worked with 4 Dutch Public Sector ISV's to onboard them to our partner ecosystem and empower them to jointly help municipalities to become more data-driven. During this blog, I will show some examples of the impact of our partnership at Municipalities.


1. Tie Kinetix 

TIE Kinetix delivers EDI (Electronic Data Interchange (SaaS) solutions to companies, governmental institutions, and their suppliers, to help them exchange all business documents electronically and simplify supply chain processes as a result. All solutions are 100% secure and meet all European Commission requirements for electronic invoicing.


TIE Kinetix helped the Municipality of Amsterdam with simplifying their e-invoicing process by offering several ways to create, send or exchange e-invoices fully automatically to their ERP system. This resulted in less paperwork and manual administrative tasks. Microsoft and Tie Kinetix share the same vision of building sustainable tech solutions that help reduce waste on our planet.


Do you want to learn more about their EDI platform solution? Check it out Zakelijke apps – Microsoft AppSource


2. Analyze

Analyze delivers smart data solutions that governments and companies help to achieve social challenges and organizational objectives. Successful smart city projects help cities to improve the overall quality of life. Factors that influence the quality of life in the city include current air quality, noise pollution, road network, living environment and heat stress. Analyze developed a smartcity platform that can be customized to the demand of municipalities.


The Monitor Preventive Road Safety solution is a great smart city use case. The solution is built in a user-friendly web application which enables municipalities and other road authorities to improve traffic safety, through smart use and a combination of different kinds of data and technology. The Monitor Preventive Road Safety case provides insight into “near” accidents by mapping unusual and risky braking actions from a unique data source that is new for municipalities (floating car data from Bridgestone Mobility Solutions). That in addition to reports made by citizens via Veilig Verkeer Nederland (the Dutch societal organization that is committed to road safety), and data about accidents collected via the ‘Bestand geRegistreerde Ongevallen Nederland (BRON). The BRON is a central file with all the accident reports from the Dutch police linked to the national digital road network (the het Nationale Wegenbestand, NWB).


Link to appsource Zakelijke apps – Microsoft AppSource


3. Sphereon

Sphereon was one of the first companies to provide easy-to-use solutions for Blockchain to bridge the gap between today's world of document-centrec business processes and Blockchain. Sphereon developed the eServiceCard/Eburgerpass to enable cities, towns and municipalities as well as non-profit organisations to create their own ecosystem to issue, use and settle transactions using tokens for providing goods or services. 


Currently, the eburgerspass is used by the municipality of Weert to facilitate the Clothing Fair days for children up to the age of 18 from low-income families living in their area. The clothing fair provides new clothes and shoes specific to children. 


The Dutch municipalities of Weert and Nederweert are two picturesque towns in the south of Holland. Since 2017 they organize so-called Clothing Fair days for children up to the age of 18 from low-income families living in their area. With the eburgerpass solution children can purchase shoes and clothes at local shops via the blockchain platform the shopowners get paid. Via this way the childeren can purchase clothes and shoes via the normal way instead of via an secondhand market or kingloop.


Link to the Azure marketplace Microsoft Azure Marketplace



Dataquint supports Municipalities with Smart outdoor space management. Their solution GeoVisia helps municipalities with their landschape, water, pavement management. With smart software Dataquint makes integrated management of the publics space easier.


In 2020, the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp made the switch to the management system GeoVisia. With GeoVisa the Administrator of Basic Registration Subsurface can easily adjust any datapoint regarding the landschape, pavement adjustments and water adjustments.


Learn more about the solution via De juiste app vinden | Microsoft AppSource


Do you want to know more about partnering with Microsoft in the Dutch public sector?


Feel free to reachout to mpannekoek@microsoft.com