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01 - How to maximize your ISV partner benefits?

The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) offers its partners a wealth of resources to help you grow your business, and we know navigating these resources can seem overwhelming. To help with that, the Cloud Enablement Desk offers partners a guided experience on how to maximize your benefits in which a Microsoft specialist identifies your business needs and connects you with the right resources.

How to become a Microsoft partner?
Join the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)  make sure to select the “Build” option and check your spam folder if you don't receive confirmation. Last but not least verify your account via this link

What is the Cloud Enablement Desk and how can it help me?
When you engage with the Cloud Enablement Desk, you get access to a Microsoft specialist that will help you decode your benefits. During this engagement you will learn about what we have to offer regarding technical skilling, assistance going to market, or anything in between, Cloud Enablement Desk specialists are there to support your growth.

Examples of Cloud Enablement Desk engagements include:

  • Assistance with how to maximize your partner benefits
  • Setting up and optimizing your referrals profile in Partner Center
  • One-on-one access to 300-400 level technical resources for pre-sales, proof-of-concept, and deployment assistance
  • Onboarding your solution to the Microsoft Marketplaces
  • Co-Sell onboarding and tool setup

You’ll check in with your Cloud Enablement specialist at least once a month to facilitate reaching your goals.



Sounds great. How do I get started?

To engage with the Cloud Enablement Desk the only thing need is a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID. Not registered yet? activate a free partner account (Microsoft Partner Network – MPN). If you already have an MPN ID fill out the Partner Nomination Form to nominate yourself for an engagement. For more information about the Microsoft Partner Network and the membership types referred to above, visit partner.microsoft.com.

What is it not?

CED is not a support desk. For assistance regarding any of these out-of-scope items use the partner contact support page 

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