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What Machine Learning Will Do For You

Machine Learning is a top of mind topic for Microsoft execs and partner execs.

THis is a significant partner opportunity and one that should be looked at closely.

If you are a partner and building solutions with Machine Learning please share your solution details here in the comments. We want to make sure we know who in the partner community is getting in done with ML. 

Machine Learning is a way for partners to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Below is part of a radio show I do on the first Monday of every month. Take a look and a listen.

Machine Learning is a hot topic today. We hear a lot about it. Perhaps not as much as we do about Robots and Artificial Intelligence. But, there is often a lot of Machine Learning driving the behavior of robots. Machine Learning will be critical in the way robots advance to become more self-learning and self-training. However, this is only part of the story. We’ll explore this a bit more below.

What will Machine Learning do for you … a primer (click2tweet)

BBSRADIO - Dec 2017 - (cover art) - What Machine Learning Will Do For You

Let’s get back to the roots of this segment. Let’s talk about Machine Learning.

What it is and what it means for you, your job, and your future.

Machine Learning is a lot of things. A simplified description is:

“Machine Learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.”

Listen to the show here on Breakthrough Radio with Michele Price. My segment starts at about the 40 minute mark. But listen to the whole thing for the full impact and effect.

SM BBSradio what will machine learning do for you - Jeff Shuey (Dec 2017)

Machine Learning is not new. People have been trying to help machines get smarter … on their own … for decades.

Machine Learning is Hard

Edge conditions change, computing changes, expectations change, but one constant has been that people are working hard to help computing device teach themselves. Of course, there are risks with semi-sentient computing devices.

In this segment of Breakthrough Radio, I will explore more about what Machine Learning means for you, your job, and your future.

To find more information on this please search on the hashtags #MachineLearning and #ML too.

Bullet Points

  • Machine Learning can and will help humans in ways we cannot envision yet.
  • The way we work, commute, communicate and collaborate will be improved by Machine Learning.
  • Machine Learning will continue to shape the way you work and will continue to be a hot area for job growth, innovation, and globalization.
  • There will be ethical decisions to be considered as Machine Learning is deployed.
  • Machine Learning will empower Intelligent Devices to make decisions – many of which are trivial, but some of which are life-saving.
jeff shuey

Every First Monday

Jeff Shuey wraps up Breakthrough Radio with forward-thinking perspectives on the intersection of technology and people.

As with every Breakthrough Byte segment I break it down into Pros, Cons and ROI. You may disagree with these points and if you do please drop a comment here so we can start a



  • The platforms for building ML solutions are not ubiquitous – Standards are needed

  • Partners haven’t adopted widely … yet

  • Computing platforms aren’t fast enough to process the huge volumes of data. (This is just a matter of time)


  • DevOps professionals are embracing the need and the vision of Machine Learning

  • Platform vendors are making strides to insure solutions can be built on a common model

  • There is a keen interest and need to be ready to process the massive amount of data coming from sensors


  • Data Model is becoming more pervasive.
  • Reduced Time to Decisions / Better Decisions
  • Real-Time solutions from live sensors can be enabled


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