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Top 10 Sessions from MS Inspire

If you were like me at the recent Microsoft Inspire event you didn't get to many sessions. In my case I didn't make it to any sessions ... except the ones where I was helping. Which I was honored to do ... I helped with First Time Attendees (FTA's).

Good news ... Thanks to our friends at The Microsoft Partner Network (whom you SHOULD be following on Facebook and Twitter) they shared the Top 10 Sessions. 

Take the time to review them ... even if you were able to attend in person I often find a second viewing and a closer look at the PPT slides is always insighful.

Don't miss the video on the opening page of the blog about them. At the 49 second mark and for about 10 seconds the video crew captured the IAMCP Speakeasy, incluing a quick shoutout from, Nikkia Carter, one of our incredible leaders in the IAMCP and IAMCPWIT communities.

It's NEVER too early --- Register today for MS Inspire 2018 ... for just US$1,995.


IAMCP Speakeasy party - Cuba LibreIAMCP Speakeasy party - Cuba Libre


Here they are - 

Top 10 Sessions from Microsoft Partner Network (blog post link)

I listed them here too ... to make it easier. 

1. Creating Stories that Bring Home the Bacon

Expert storyteller, Julie Simpson from ResourceiT Consulting Ltd, explored how partners can present their own corporate story in an impactful and memorable way. This interactive session provided business leaders from all partner business models with new insights on how to accelerate growth and increase market share through the power of storytelling. Watch the recording here.

2. Building a Successful Cybersecurity Practice with Microsoft

Ann Johnson, VP WW Cybersecurity, Microsoft, led this session on how security is built into everything we do at Microsoft. This ensures that our customers are safe and secure as they go through their own digital transformations. Attendees learned about the new cyber security approach and how they can engage with Microsoft to build unique and differentiated joint solutions. View the session recording here.

3. Grow Your Business with Modern IT

Microsoft experts Bernardo Caldas, GM, Windows Commercial Marketing, and Rob Lefferts, Director of Program Management, Enterprise and Security, Windows Division, led this session on how all partners can grow their business faster with Modern IT. As businesses seek to transform their products, tools, and operations, it is clear they need the support of world class platforms built for the digital economy. Learn how Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security enable the delivery of more productive and more secure IT experiences. Watch the session here.

4. Unlocking Digital Transformation Through SAM

Microsoft GM, US & WW SAM&C, Patama Chantaruck, shared her insights into digital transformation and the large-scale opportunities available to partners through SAM. Learn how SAM is driving digital transformation and how you can leverage those opportunities for your own business. Watch the presentation on demand here.

5. Microsoft’s FY18 Commercial Sales Strategy: An Update for Partners

Chris Weber, Microsoft CVP of Commercial Customer Segments, took attendees for a look inside the commercial sales strategy for FY18. In this session, Chris answered critical questions that are top of mind for partners like: “What will change this year?” and “Where are we investing key resources?” He shared his view of the strategy, looking across all business types, from our largest enterprise customers to the smallest small business. See what you might have missed here.

6. The Microsoft Security Strategy

In this session, industry leaders dove into the critical topic of digital security and explored the strategy behind Microsoft’s $1 billion annual investment into security R&D. Learn how that security aligns with your customers’ needs and how Microsoft products can form the integrated solutions you can build your business on. Speakers from this session include:

  • Lizette van Wyk, Business Development Manager, BUI
  • Giovanni Mezgec, GM, Office Partners, Microsoft
  • Julia White, CVP, Azure + Security Marketing, Microsoft
  • Melissa Mulholland, Cloud Profitability & Strategy Lead, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft
  • Nabil Chebbi, Vice President, Crayon
  • Ryan McGee, Director, Security Marketing, Microsoft

Watch the full video here.

7. Microsoft 365 Enterprise: A Single, Trusted Solution to Grow Your Managed Services Practice

Giovanni Mezgec, GM, Office Partners, Microsoft; Jack Elmore, Director, Microsoft Office; and Jeremy Chapman, Director, Microsoft, discussed how the new Microsoft 365 Enterprise offering allows businesses to deliver one solution that empowers staff productivity and enables organizations to meet security and compliance mandates seamlessly. Attendees learned about the value and opportunities to provide their customers with new value-added services. See the full presentation here.

8. Empowering Organizations with Microsoft Azure

In this session, Industry experts presented on how Microsoft Azure can empower organizations to achieve more and how partners can leverage these exciting business opportunities. Speakers include:

  • Jason Rook, Vice President, Market Development, 10th Magnitude
  • Jeff DeVerter, CTO, Microsoft Technologies, Rackspace Hosting
  • Julia White, CVP, Azure + Security Marketing, Microsoft
  • Michele Todd, Director, Business Development, Chef Software

Watch the session on demand here.

9. Empowering Digital Transformation with Hosting and Managed Service Providers

Microsoft VP, WW Hosting & Managed Service Providers, Aziz Benmalek, talked with industry thought leaders Jeff DeVerter, CTO, Microsoft Technologies, Rackspace Hosting, and Michelle Bailey, SVP Datacenter Initiatives and Data Strategy, 451 Research, about how Microsoft is empowering digital transformation with partners. Attendees were provided with a unique look at the vision and strategy for Microsoft’s joint value proposition with service providers. Watch the session here.

10. Taking Risks and Failing Fast: Business Leadership Lessons in the Age of Mobile

In this session, Microsoft CVP of Commercial Customer Segments, Chris Weber, explored what partners can learn from running a declining business. Based on his personal leadership model, Chris discussed lessons in leadership from the demanding mobile phone business, and how those experiences changed his views on leadership. See the recorded session here.

To re-live more of your favorite sessions, or watch others you may have missed, visit the Microsoft Inspire session catalog to find a wide selection of session videos and presentations on demand.

We hope you enjoyed Microsoft Inspire as much as we did, and we can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas in 2018. Register today for just US$1,995.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Washington, D.C. last week! We want to hear what you loved about the event! Share your thoughts with us and your fellow partners here on the Microsoft Inspire discussion board in the Microsoft Partner Community.