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Podcast - Trent Burns: Sr. Director for Global SI and Advisory partners

Hi Partners!


Check out Vince Menzione's new podcast HERE, where he interviews Trent Burns, Microsoft’s Sr. Director for the Global SI and Advisory partners in the US One Commercial Partner team. Trent has 13 years at Microsoft and 20 years’ experience in the technology industry at companies like IBM, HP, and Vignette. His experiences include direct sales and sales management positions and alliance/channel management all focused on the largest system integrators.


If you want to listen to more of Vince's podcast, visit his website here.


A note from Vince:

You can listen to the podcast on this website or on iTunes, SoundCloudStitcher, Google PlayPlayer FM, other Android podcast players.

As with each of my interview and articles, I appreciate your feedback. You can reach me on Linked In or on email at vincem@cloudwavepartners.net. You can also review this podcast by going to iTunes and searching “Ultimate Guide to Partnering” and clicking on the album art and hitting the ratings link. This helps others find the podcast.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Vince Menzione