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Maximize your business potential through networking.


How do you manage your business growth ?

There are more ways than ever for you to create new business opportunities.

Your success is our goal, and we’re here to help you achieve it. Hence we`re here to remind of you the IAMCP Membership.


About the IAMCP


IAMCP is a professional association organized in local chapters that is dedicated to assisting members in business development.

The chapter activities are aimed at helping people and companies in the "Microsoft ecosystem" broaden their base of business opportunities within their own communities and around the world through partnering among IAMCP members. It's a great way to be equipped to offer your clients complete solutions without the expense of keeping a full house of technical practices and trained individuals on your payroll. Business development and bottom line profit are our goals.




Why should you join IAMCP? 


The IAMCP has established itself as the principal advisory body when it comes to helping partners understand the new strategies and business models being advocated by Microsoft.

As a member, you get the inside scoop of Microsoft's programs and directions and you also benefit by getting early access to training at reduced costs.

Hear more about the benefits from one of the IAMCP Members in the video below.


Become an IAMCP Member


With an IAMCP chapter membership, you can be a part of that change all while fostering the important personal and business relationships that leads to mutual growth.

If you are serious about your partnership with Microsoft and want to maximize the opportunities available, joining IAMCP should be a natural part of your business strategy.

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Level 6 Contributor

Keeping it simple, Align Microsoft Priorities for FY2020 - 


Microsoft fiscal year 2020 (FY20) optimizations focus on four priorities, and each of them are central to the partner investment and incentives program’s core objective. Whether you’re driving consumption or finding new customers, Microsoft has incentives that can support and reward your success.

1) Accelerating usage. We’re further incentivizing both Azure consumption and Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 usage.

2) Customer adds. Several incentives programs are increasing their focus on customer adds across solution areas.

3) Retaining customers. We’re raising the incentives for renewing customers and reducing churn.

4) Facilitating growth. Most importantly, our incentives programs are further emphasizing the products that align to your unique business objectives and growth priorities.


Being part of the IAMCP is very much the inside track of how to become successful with partnering! Through all the local chapters around the world you will be able to build partnerships that lasts! And remember that by being generous and help others you will also help yourself!



Regards, Per

Level 6 Contributor

Leveraging the Microsoft eco-system through IAMPC, the word has just been unleashed. In the Cloud environment of digital transformation, the fastest way from benefiting on productivity and efficiency is the joining of efforts and means by partners all over the world. Never before in the ongoing new industrial revolution, such a tremendous opportunity has been given to the partner community to initiate, develop and share a so important and phenomenal economic growth. Microsoft Corporation as the fortunate orchestrator of this exciting and amazing adventure would increasingly gain on notoriety. Customers and simple individuals would profit from this win-win situation. The relationship between local chapters and partners across the continent locked in the stone would enable a stable and lasting climate of affairs.