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PowerApps And Power Virtual Agents - pricing - HELP

I just made my first Chatbot through PowerApps. AMAZING! I activated a free trial allowing me to test it. However I am very confused about pricing and billing??? I have seen a price of $1000 per month alonekelund_0-1615818603066.png


Can someone please help.
This is my Chatbot made through PowerApps


It is published on an external website.  Now in the bot analytics I see this


What does this mean?
Our goal are the following
  1. Help our customer on our own websites
  2. Can we use these bots in Teams and as an integrated part of our Microsoft Apps and Add-ins that we have on AppSource
  3. Use it with our PowerApp
  4. Advice customers how they can use these bots both internally and externally
However this very much depends on the pricing model. I expected it (or at least some) to be a part of M365 E3 or E5 subscription?
I hope someone can assist because I see a lot of potential.