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Discover Electrolytes! Part 3

Do You Need More Electrolytes If You Sweat a Lot?


When you sweat, you lose both water and electrolytes, especially sodium and chloride.

As a result, long periods of exercise or activity, particularly in the heat, can cause significant electrolyte loss.

It’s estimated that sweat contains about 40–60 mmol of sodium per liter on average.


But the actual amount of electrolytes lost through sweat can vary from person to person.


In the US, the maximum recommended intake for sodium is 2,300 mg per day — which is equivalent to 6 grams or 1 teaspoon of table salt.


Since around 90% of American adults consume way more than this, most people don’t need to replace sodium lost from sweat.


However, certain populations, such as endurance athletes who are exercising for more than two hours or those who exercise in extreme heat, may want to consider drinking electrolyte-enriched sports drinks to replace their losses.


For everyone else, getting the normal amount of sodium from foods and drinking water to remain hydrated is enough.



You lose water and electrolytes, particularly sodium, when you sweat. However, the sodium consumed through your diet is normally enough to cover any losses.



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