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Report - Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector

Dear Partner Community,


The pace of digital transformation continues to accelerate, with technologies like Artificial Intelligence raising the bar ever higher for technology’s potential to address some of society’s biggest challenges. In the Public Sector, the opportunity is extraordinary, especially when looking at critical topics such as climate change, healthcare and social injustice. In short, with the help of AI, governments can create a better citizen experience.


For a deeper understanding of AI in the Public Sector, and to measure organizations’ expectations and priorities around AI, Microsoft and EY conducted this study across 12 countries in Western Europe. With responses from over 200 Public Sector stakeholders, we see clearly that AI is top of mind for government decision-makers across Europe, and there is widespread interest in having a broad, unified approach to long-term AI development.


Download this report to discover how 213 public organizations benefit from AI and accelerate your organization’s transition from AI adopter to AI innovator.


Download now: Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector (microsoft.com)