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Event - Accelerating Citizen Services maturity and engagement

Dear Partner Community,


Now, more than ever, citizens believe that the public sector should respond to their needs without delay. If they have a question, they want an answer. At any time of day or night.  


These high expectations are informed by their interactions with the private sector, where anything they want to know is just a click or a tap away. Everyone is empowered to access the information they need – whenever they need it.  


Embracing the right technology is key to making this happen. Self-service portals, AI-enabled chat bots, and data-driven insights are improving issue resolution rates and increasing staff efficiency. Employees no longer get bogged down in old processes. Instead, they have been liberated to accomplish organizational missions and better meet customer needs. 


Our exclusive Industry Circle virtual event on January 13th at 10:00-11:00AM CET will explore how the public sector can achieve the same valuable benefits for citizens. 


You’ll hear first-hand from thought leaders and representatives of the City of Milano, Avanade and IDC. They will share how they completely rethought Citizen Engagement and Operations Efficiency to earn the trust of citizens and optimize citizen experience maturity. 


By the end of the session, you’ll understand: 

  • Which factors contribute most to growing the citizen experience
  • How technology can support you to put citizens at the centre of Urban Digital Transformation
  • How citizen data intelligence can guide City priorities to boost post-pandemic recovery
  • The importance of re-skilling civil servants to better serve citizens and enhance the City’s attractiveness to investors


Register now: Microsoft Event (mktoevents.com)