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How Organizations Can Utilize the New Role-Based Azure Certifications

Engaging with the tech community, Microsoft recognised a shift in expectations for what certification courses covered. Demand was growing for certifications that moved beyond teaching you how to use the technology to developing the skills you need to fulfil a specific job role. 

Microsoft has made changes in the Azure Certification paths to better align the certifications toward professionals’ roles in the industry. The existing certification exams for Microsoft Azure address broad topics, cover a very wide range of skills and target general job roles.

Microsoft announced 3 new Azure Certification paths for administrators, developers, and solutions architects who work with Microsoft Azure. Each of these certifications consists of passing 2 exams to earn certification. Combined with the previous roles, the compiled list of all the updated Azure roles are as follows:

• Azure Administrator

• Azure Developer

• Azure DevOps Engineer

• Azure Solutions Architect

• Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator

• Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator

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