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Geo Expansion in Europe and APAC

Can you pls confirm is the Geo Expansion program is active in Europe and APAC?


Re: Geo Expansion in Europe and APAC

My friend @paulsolski can probably answer this! He is the inventor behind this program and a great guy.


A personal note is that I truly believe in selling SaaS to customers in other countries. Working through other partners that have a local presence and a local cultural understanding is most often the best approach. As the world is big, I would suggest to narrow it down and don't try to win too many countries at the same time. Same goes if you want to enter the United States - don't try to win the whole country in one go.



Regards, Per


Re: Geo Expansion in Europe and APAC

I am excited to be able to confirm we are now globally live with our program as of January 1! You can download the overview playbook for the program at https://aka.ms/geoexpansionplaybook for additional details about how the program works. We are excited to help all our partners with guidance and tools to successfully expand into new markets!