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Update: Microsoft Azure Cloud Design for public sector – launching the PS Cloud Design for Microsoft 365

UPDATE, 7th July 2022


Dear partners,


It is a pleasure to inform you that we are launching the PS Cloud Design for Microsoft 365. With the rise of modern communication and collaboration and the “new-work”, hybrid and remote work became a critical factor in the success of every authority. While the benefits of Teams and M365 in general are apparent, there are challenges that authorities need to address in a cloud-first world. Therefore, PS customers need to know what assistance Microsoft can provide as a cloud service provider, they need to identify the resulting risks and understand Microsoft’s contractual, organizational and technical measures to ensure that online services can be used securely.


The Swiss M365 Public Sector Cloud Design addresses these common questions and supports our customers before and during the Microsoft 365 implementation. The document in all three languages can be found under the same URL as the Azure Docs (launched a few months ago): https://aka.ms/publicsectorch


The page has been slightly adjusted and next to the new M365 papers we have also uploaded a new legal whitepaper that addresses common aspects in the context of Public Sector, gives answers to frequent questions and even refers to the 26 legislation situations (please see Whitepaper Cloud & Behörden, Livre Blanc Cloud et Autorités Publiques).




UPDATE, May 02nd 2022


Dear Partners,


We are happy to come back to you with the two freshly launched documents now available also in English:


Recently, we have also completed the Microsoft Azure Cloud Design for public sector training. The partners who have gone through the training and can be possible implementation partners are already listed on our website: https://aka.ms/publicsectorCH. 


Attached you can find the deck presented and here the recording of this training session.


We encourage you to go through the training and the materials presented. Trained partners will be listed as possible implementation partners on the landing page https://aka.ms/publicsectorCH, which is being shared with Swiss public sector customers and referred to by Microsoft Switzerland in upcoming campaigns. Thus, once you have completed it, please send to us your name, email address, as well as the company logo in a hi-resolution png. or jpeg format that will be featured on our website.






Dear partners,


Today we are happy to come back with news on our freshly launched customer-ready assets about the Azure Cloud Design to facilitate discussions with public sector customers. Please find bellow the newly added French documents, in addition to the German ones already published.


Furthermore, we have added a Risk Assessment Document (available in French and German), as the migration to the cloud needs to be carefully considered and planned. As in every project, there are different risks that need to be identified and assessed. The decision of migrating to the cloud must be based on a deep-dive risk assessment. The respective document below is intended to support organizations in this process.


Today we are happy to share the following documents with you:


  • Azure Services im öffentlichen Sektor der Schweiz (DE, PDF)
  • Azure Services dans le secteur public Suisse (FR, PDF)
  • Cloud Governance & Security im öffentlichen Sektor der Schweiz (DE, PDF)
  • Cloud Governance & Security dans le secteur public Suisse (FR, PDF)
  • Microsoft Cloud für Public Sector (DE, PPTX)
  • DER WEG IN DIE CLOUD - Anleitung zu einer faktenbasierten Risikoabschätzung (DE, PDF)
  • LA TRANSITION VERS LE CLOUD - Mode d’emploi pour une évaluation factuelle des risques (FR, PDF)


Please feel free to download the PowerPoint (attached down below), adapt it to your company (add your logo, contact information, offerings and share the presentation as well as the PDF’s with your Swiss Public Sector customers.


In a world that is becoming more and more digitized, storing data in the cloud is not only the natural next step, but is also more agile, timesaving, secure, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

There is a clear need for the public sector to digitize faster, including moving data to the cloud. However, due to concerns and ambiguity about how the data is being stored in cloud services, digitalization in the public sector has slowed down.


Thus, Microsoft wants to facilitate the use of cloud services in the public sector through Azure Cloud Design guidelines. In the journey towards digitalization, Microsoft promises to manage data securely and create a safe environment for the digital transformation.

Designed to make it easier for the Swiss public sector to use Microsoft cloud services, Microsoft Azure Cloud Design includes guidelines that simplify compliance with local regulations and laws.


You can find more information and all assets regarding the Microsoft Azure Cloud Design for public sector here: https://aka.ms/publicsectorCH


We are also thinking about doing a specific enablement session about these assets, so please let us know in the comments or directly to Arsim (a-amuslija@microsoft.com