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Apply Now: Funds for Tele campaign to help getting your customers to NCE

Dear Partners,

The transition of your customers from legacy CSP to new commerce experience (NCE) is one of the most time consuming efforts for you - we know that! We would like to support you in contacting all of your legacy CSP customers to have the discussion about how and why they should move to NCE. If you are in a situation where you don't find the time or the resources to get in touch with all of your customers then this offer is just right for you. 


We are offering funds to drive Tele campaigns in order to call down your legacy CSP customer base. If you are not able to run a Tele campaign with your preferred vendor we also have the chance to involve our preferred Tele vendor to run the campaign. 


Eligibility criteria:

  • Partner has residency in Switzerland 
  • Partner is a Microsoft indirect CSP Reseller (working with an indirect CSP provider)
  • Partner has more than $300'000 billed in legacy in FY22


Currently it is still unclear how much funds we will have to distribute for the campaigns so applying for the offer does NOT mean any commitment of funds at this point. We will evaluate all the requests and then prioritize given the funds available. 


To apply for this offer send an email to Yannic Ganguillet, Channel Sales SMB Modern Work,  (yganguillet@microsoft.com) specifying the number of customers on legacy that you would like to call and if known the amount of funds you would need. 



The application must be handed in by April 22nd, 2022. After that we will look at all the received requests, make our decisions on allocating the funds and get back to you with a feedback.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Yannic Ganguillet