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Visual Studio ENT - Additional Benefits (Office for production use).

I am looking for information regarding the additional benefits of a Visual Studio Enterprise subscription obtained from MPN [competency benefit].
The Visual Studio Licensing Whitepaper document states that the VS ENT subscribers may use 1 copy of Office 2019 Professional Plus for production (non-development) use.

- What about Office 2021? (available for download from

The above-mentioned document was published in August 2019.
- Is there any newer version of this document that includes information about Office 2021?

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For those who don't like reading ‌‌;-)
- it is about this entry in the whitepaper:




@MGRAJ Note that for Visual Studio Enterprise Subscriptions via MPN benefits different terms might apply (NFR - Not for Resales license terms) - also noted in the white paper, and here: Visual Studio subscriptions offered in the Microsoft Partner Network | Microsoft Docs

Unfortunately, I see that the NFR license terms are not available under the link mentioned, on this website or the licensing guide. 


I would recommend to contact MPN suport via Partner Center to ask for a copy of the Visual Studio NFR license terms (or give the answer directly) - as far as I can remember using Office for production was indeed *not* allowed for NFR Visual Studio in MPN benefits  - since you get Office Apps (M365 Apps) also via normal MPN benefits, but only official confirmation would be the license terms. 

Kind regards, Janosch
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