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Unable to verify for over a month despite repeated attempts and support tickets

Hi All,


Our global launch has been blocked for almost a month now because we just can't seem to get Microsoft to approve our MPN account.

Similar to most people here, every time we update the requested information, we keep getting rejected.

We opened up a support ticket: 2105100010002386 and have responded and asked for updates over 6 times already and only received 1 response from support.  Proactively, I sent over all our formation documents including domain registrar but then never heard back.

We are desperately trying to give this feature to our customers but we are getting no help from Microsoft support team.  Can someone please help me escalate this internally?

We think we've done everything right but the instructions are not clear on what we are missing.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get this resolved? This is really hurting us. 

By way of comparison, it only took us 3 days to get Google SSO implemented, so we're at a loss as to why Microsoft has dropped the ball here.

Thank you so much!