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Termstore filter panel does not work any longer since 10.06.

Presentation of the behavior

In a document library there is a column "Cateogries" which uses data from the term store. 


For the best possible usability to retrieve the content, the filter panel for filtering the categories has been attached to the view of the filter panel.

The following article from Microsoft describes very well the behavior and design which worked until June 9, 2020:


Until 9th of june 2020, the display was a structure view and worked in such a way that when an element was selected, all subordinate elements up to the last element were also selected. This made it easy for the user to find his correct document, as he could also easily select the filtering to higher-level elements of the hierarchical structure with the help of the structure view.


Since 10th of june this filter panel is now only displayed as a list selection. Due to the large tree structure, selecting the right elements is no longer user-friendly, since only a complete path at a time may be selected.


Since 10.06. we have gathered some additional informations:

  1. The new behaviour only affects the modern layout. In classic layout the required functionality still works, because the item "child elements" via the metadata navigation or via the column filtering is still shown.
  2. we found out that Microsoft updated the Termstore to Modern in May/June.
    We only may suspect a dependency here but do not have final evidence.
  3. we have escalated the experienced issue to Microsoft as a support request and it is now being processed by the product development department.
    The statement since june here still is: It can take several weeks / months, to resolve the issue
  4. The above described incident can be reproduced in different tenants and existing other solutions now also show the same behaviour.


Does anybody experience same issues and do have perhaps an already successfully implemented workaround?

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thanks @StanNoack  for adding your query on the Microsoft Partner Community! 😀

Tip: You might also want to ask the dedicated community for M365 as well.



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Thanks for tip...I have also prepared the request there.