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Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) program qualification

As an training organisation who have achieved Gold in a non-learning option competency, we recently purchased a Learning Action Pack with the intention to provide training in Microsoft Official Courseware products.


In offering this, we are almost always asked to access Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) as payment.  However, as we don't have a Silver or Gold status in a Learning Option in any competency, we are unable to enrol in the SATV program thus cannot redeem vouchers.  


Not only are we losing business, but are left with the very, very few clients wanting to pay 'cash' for these courses.  The KPI to get to Silver in a Learning Option is 200.  This is a significantly more challenging task as we continually turn away almost every interest in the courses as they want to pay by SATV.


Is there something I've misunderstood?  Seems designed to restrict us being able to get to the qualification, of which there is little doubt we'd be able to maintain year on year there after.

Level 1 Contributor

Is there anyone (within Microsoft) that can speak to this?


I have tried several of the support options and they are only able to follow their scripts and not empowered to work beyond quite limited boundaries (not were they willing to escalate or refer the matter onwards).