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Requesting a Project Server 2019 license key



I have installed the SharePoint 2019 server, and would like to continue with the installation/activation of Project Server 2019, but there is no specific key for Project Server 2019 listed in the Benefits Software area.  The only key shown is for SharePoint 2019, and this does not work for activation.


All the documentation mentions that a unique key for Project Server is required.


Where can I find this Project Server 2019 key?


Many thanks





Re: Requesting a Project Server 2019 license key

If you are competency partner on silver or Gold level , you should contact Partner Center support team if there is no key displayed (e.g. via Partner Center dashboard) .

Action Pack partners do not get a license for Project Server 2019, only for Sharepoint 2019.

See also https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/membership/internal-use-software