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Project Online Trial licenses for development purposes

My company is developing value-adds on top of the Project Online Platform. It's a startup company and the licenses add up quickly especially when you need to test with a variety of Essentials, Professional, and Premium licenses. Have tried contacting Microsoft to see if I could get some trial licenses (I can get trials, but not for myself). Support does not know who to direct me to. I have emailed and messaged 2 VPs who said that they would help at conferences, etc. Am now at a loss. Any assistance would be appreciated. 


Hi Neville,


Happy Monday and welcome to the Microsoft Partner Community!

I recommend you explore the Microsoft for Startups Community that was specially created for companies like yours. You get events, info and get to connect with other Startups, partner with Microsoft.


I believe you are using the Action Pack, have you considered attaing a Competency ? You can find out more here : 

You can compare the 3 offers here


Let me know if this helps,