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Partner account verification problems - support not responding.

I have created a ticket for this (2011240040000671) but I am not receiving any sort of responses at this point and have two potential clients waiting...don't want to lose one or both of them and would appreciate some help.


I tried to set up my partner account and passed through to business verification before failing.  I read that Microsoft wants sole proprietors to use the owner's legal name for the business name so I updated things with my name.  After that, the process started over but I somehow got stuck on employment verification, which doesn't make sense...if the name and company name are the same, who would they verify with other than myself? 


It was asked to provide proof of domain registration (other than the txt file I had already put into the DNS for my domain) so I sent a pdf of the domain registration receipt back in the ticket but I'm not getting any sort of response.  To try and make things easier I have now also added the business documents required for business verification....all have my name and my DBA name.


Help, please?!?  Is there something else I can do?  More importantly, is this what can be expected of support for the partner network?


Thank you in advance for any assistance.


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I have some questions here regarding the enrollment process in EMEA:

  1. Should I expect an initial response in less than 5 business days or delays in responding means that you could potentially wait one month or more until someone will review your request? I understand there are some delays in responding to support requests for CSP in EMEA.
  2. Is this something to discourage new potential partners from becoming members/Silver/Gold?
  3. Usually the onboarding process reflects how communication / collaboration will work after the contract is signed. Will it be fair to assume that similar issues also happen after enrolling with Microsoft Partner Network?

Just to give you more context, I'm trying to enroll since the 10th of December, 2020, initially as a member. After many issues:


  1. VAT validation failed for my country when trying to update my developer details, even if the VAT ID was not required. I had to modify the client JavaScript object to edit my "Developer" details - this was probably generated by the November 2020 release of the Partner Center Dashboard and I've noticed that this has been fixed in the latest release. I don't recommend to anyone debugging a 15 MB JavaScript file.
  2. Microsoft account not being fully configured as part of the enrollment - It allowed me to create the partner and developer profile but I had to manually create my Microsoft work account after I've noticed some issues related to access in Dashboard
  3. Lack of permissions to modify the Partner profile
  4. Created one support request as I was stuck on the 10th of December. No initial response received for 5 business days.
  5. If response time is less than 8 working hours with MPN Technical benefits, then when Microsoft has delays in responding to support requests for CSP in EMEA this takes more than 40 hours. An update that I will receive my response in 20 working days is still better than no response.
  6. Validation is missing on most of the enrollment process steps. For example: identify personal accounts when adding primary contact.
  7. Lack of guided process for partner prerequisites. For example, I had to figure out on my own that I cannot modify my partner profile unless I am the owner of the domain in Azure / Office (the new tenant created when signing up with a Microsoft work account). I took ownership of the domain in portal.office.com and closed the initial ticket. 
  8. Errors in in the interface when trying to update my partner profile. I was probably hitting a new release or an intermediary release that solved point 1 and probably other bugs.
  9. The only route to escalation is using Microsoft Partner Support Requests. And it looks like accepting an escalation is delayed in EMEA 🙂

Now, I've finally managed to update my profile and I am stuck at "We were not able to verify your email domain.". This is happening one day after I've provided Microsoft the proof that I own the domain and granted my account Global admin permissions over the tenant that Microsoft created for my organization.


I have created a partner support request and uploaded all documents suggested by the specific step guide. I expect these will not be enough, based on my experience with point 7, above. This is just painful at this moment.


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We are having an appalling time with Microsoft over this. Last Wednesday they cut our 365 services that came with our Action Pack and we cannot renew as they have linked it to this verification process.


The pain and loss this is causing my business does not enter into MS thinking; we are now DAY SEVEN without services and there is no empathy or care being shown us in any way.

The verification process is slow and very subjective as to what is required. Get it wrong and it could be yet another few days before you hear back.

Microsoft please wake up and help me, you are trashing my business.  

The crazy thing is my MS Partner status goes back over ten trading years or more with exactly the same credentials.


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I'm having a similar problem, I am also a sole proprietor and have filed a support case on November 13, still not getting a response from Microsoft that will get things forward. They have requested a document as proof of my domain ownership - I don't have that yet, the domain is new and I simply can't wait that I get the first bill from the DNS registrar. They have also requested an official document like a registration or business charter that proves existance of my company but must not be older than 12 months. I don't have that either - my company is almost 30 years old and the last official document is from 2012 when I last moved my office. I have explained all this but got no response since 13 days now. Furthermore, contacting the Partner hotline number 01806/302525 in Germany yields to nothing. Tried it on multiple days and at different times... all it says is that they are experiencing delays, many people are calling and they can't take my call. It's a pity because they charge money (albeit not much) for each call probably even if unsuccessful.


My ticked ID is 2011130040001056 in case some helpful person is reading this. 


I suspect that I too have made the mistake of not entering a business name that equals my real name as a sole proprietor, although I honestly don't see it as a problem that if my name is Thomas Liening, I call my company "Thomas Liening IT-Dienstleistungen".

Is there a way for me to change the entered business name in my application on my own to match Microsoft's requirements, and would that help me? It seems that you have been able to change certain things in your application on your own, that's why I'm asking.


Best regards

Thomas Liening

Community Manager

Hi @Thomas_Liening,

I appreciate you sharing your case with the community!

What I advise is if you have a PDM please have them escalate your case internally.
Otherwise, please note the verification process can take a longer time, given that each country has its specifics, as you described in your own case above. 

In another topic you mentioned this : "but never got any answer or comment from Microsoft after November 14 until today."
Can please share what is the outcome? Feel free to send me a private message.


Thank you,


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Hi @Andra,


unfortunately I don't have a PDM (if this means "partner development manager"). As far as I understand it, you only have a PDM if you are a silver/gold or even "larger" partner. But I am in the situation that with my "new" company, I am not yet a partner at all, and in my "old" company, we were only a "standard" (not Silver/Gold/...) partner with an Action Pack subscription. So, unfortunately, I don't have a personal contact at Microsoft that would be helpful here. Exactly the reason why I'm writing here - in the hope that someone who reads this can help.


With the other sentence "no answer [...] until today", I meant: No answer or comment after November 14 at all. I have not heard from anyone since that date.


Best regards


Community Manager

Hi @extantbcs ,


Thank you for your detailed response!

I can only give you a high level guidance in this sense.

Right now it seems you should still work with support if the case from 11/23 is open I suggest you request an update and more details from the agent.

If the case is closed please create a new one, using the highlighted escalation path:




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It appears I have been moved through the process now with the second support ticket...thank you for the help, Andra!

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There are no updates to the ticket from Microsoft but I have now been rejected for business verification again despite my support ticket having two different business verification items attached to it.


That ticket I titled "Trouble completing account verification - stuck at employment verification this time"  -- should I close it and open one specific to the business verification?


I appreciate the assist, Andra. 

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Oh and the support case was raised on 11/23.

Community Manager

Hi @extantbcs ,


Thank you for sharing this experience with the community!

Frontline Support is the place to go for MPN enrollment issues.

As for the verification process, the vendor performing these checks is able to advise whether you provided full information or not. Typically the request exactly the documentation they need.

For reference you can see this resource: Verify your account information - Partner Center | Microsoft Docs
When did you raise the case with support? You can always go to your open cases in Partner Center and add a new note on the case asking for an update.


Thank you,


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Okay, now it shows as rejected due to failed employment verification. How can I fail working for myself when they never contacted me in any way and I provided the required verification documents? Here is what is listed when I click to see the failure reason but all of these have been done:


We were not able to verify your email domain. Follow below instructions to fix:

Verify and update company's registered legal business name.

This has been done the only two ways possible for my business.

First attempt I used my state-registered legal DBA (doing business as) company name. When that attempt failed business verification, I read that many sole proprietors had needed to change the legal name to their personal legal name so I did that for the second attempt. This time it failed at email verification, as I said above.


Verify and update email using official email address.

This was verified initially and nothing has been sent to my registered email address since the previous attempt. If the company's registered legal business name and email are correct, click to upload employment verification documents for further verification. I have checked both of these and in my ticket had uploaded 3 different verification documents from the link you provided, one from the email verification and two from the business verification list.


If issue persists, please contact support

I've obviously done this one as I provided you the support ticket number. Despite looking again and seeing it showed to have failed, I have not even received an email response telling me it failed.


At this point, since verification went farther using my state-registered legal DBA name, I have changed it back. Can you verify whether as a sole proprietor I should be using my own legal name or the state-registered legal DBA name?

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I feel your pain. We've both TRUSTED a critical part of our business to an entity that doesn't respect this or understand the damage they causing.

I wish a real human would take charge of this at Microsoft as this has wholly trashed their once reasonable reputation with us. Maybe they only want big corporate accounts these days?

Good luck.