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Offer limits for M365 Business skus



We recently experiences the situation with Microsoft 365 Business standard skus, which seems unfair or non-logic. As we all know in provisioning there are set so called offer limits, which basically allows you order specified amount of subscriptions within one tenant. In our case customer was public institution, who every time when he needs additional seats, must proceed with public procurement to comply with local government rules. So, it means that every time when he announced additional procurement - wide variety of partners participated. In our case customer purchased first 100 units of M365 BS with one partner, second 100 units with another partner, and last 100 with another partner again. As you see, 3rd order was not possible to fulfil and these type of situation causes frustration within partner ecosystem.  I would suggest to extend offer limits for Business skus and keep 300 seats limitation, otherwise we allow to purchase to everyone, but we are not able to inform everybody prior that - hey, there are the guys already, so we limit the fair play.  We do understand that for bigger institutions are ment another products and skus, but its not prohibited to use Business skus in bigger organizations.


Actually there is some change upcoming with new commerce experience - the seat limit will now be enforced across partners - since in your example currently Partner 1 could sell 300, and Partner 2 as well, exceeding limits. More details in the operations guide for new commerce:


I do not think a change in the way you suggested is planned - however, this new change would in theory allow to raise the offer limit when the seat count can be enforced om the customer tenant. This would be a good question and good feedback to give in the upcoming Q&A community session for CSP : 

Kind regards, Janosch
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