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No response from support so far on Partner Verification issues

Anyone know what the expected timeframe is for support to react to uploaded documents verifying business ownership and employment?


There has been no reponse for 3 days and verification process just keep failing at employment verification.

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Hi @ithex ,


Thanks for your feedback!

Please check these guidelines regrding the verification proces and make sure you submitted all the available documentation: Verify your account information - Partner Center | Microsoft Docs

Employment verification confirms the primary contact is an employee of the enrolling company by virtue of having an active email address on an email domain owned by the company. If employment verification is rejected, the primary contact (normally your Global or Account Admin) will need to provide documentation confirming the contact's email domain is under the ownership of their employer. Create a Support ticket.


You might need to allow a week for the verification process and you can also feel free to add a note on your open case with support and request for an update.


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Hi Andra,


Sorry to say that it's been over a week now and no reply whatsoever... I submitted documents that should be sufficient.... it just feels like everyone left the office at MS support.... it's silent.


My ticket No. is 2101120040001565


I added to notes asking for status and created a new support case today asking for an update on the first case.