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Nested M365 Groups: Definitive Answer



I am writing here as I've not been able to find a definitive, conclusive answer for my question.


Consider the following case:


We have 1 distribution group, named DistList@company.onmicrosoft.com


We also have 1 Microsoft 365 Group, named M365Group@company.onmicrosoft.com. This M365 Group has 10 members. This Microsoft 365 group is nested inside DistList@company.onmicrosoft.com.


The Distribution Group is set up to accept internal and external e-mail. The Microsoft 365 group is set up to accept internal e-mail.


Internal User A, UserA@company.onmicrosoft.com, sends an e-mail to DistList@company.onmicrosoft.com . Since it's an internal e-mail, there should be no problem for the Distribution Group or the Microsoft 365 Group to accept the e-mail. The delivery report in Message Trace also shows that the e-mail has been received by the Distribution Group, and expanded to it's members.


However, no member of the nested Microsoft 365 Group M365Group@company.onmicrosoft.com  receive the e-mail that User A sent to DistList@company.onmicrosoft.com . 


So my question: Is it, or is it not, possible to have a Microsoft 365 Group nested inside a Distribution Group, and also get all e-mail sent to the distribution group?

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Thank you @Andra , I will give that a try!



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@Marc8745  good day!

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I hope this helps,