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Level 1 Contributor

Need help combining MCIDs

Recently just took and passed an MTA via Certiport. 


Certiport created an MCID for me and the email used was my work email (company I work for is partner with microsoft). However, my company microsoft account does not reflect the passed exam and it has a seperate MCID than the certiport one. 


I am looking to combine both these mcids into my company microsoft account so that the company will get credit, and my microsoft account will show my proper certifications.


I call microsoft support and they told me to post in here. 


Really need some help! Thanks so much!

Community Manager

Good day @AlexPiazza ,


Thank you for sharing this matter on the Microsoft Partner Community.

In order to link your MCP ID to the organization please try following the steps described in this documentation: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2966380/procedure-partner-center-link-or-unlink-a-microsoft-certified-professi


Let me know if this works.


Level 1 Contributor

Thanks so much for your post! 


I have actually done this already, which is how I ended up with two MCIDs. I have the MCID that I received when pairing my microsoft account, and I have the MCID that Certiport had generated from microsoft when I registered/Passed my MTA.


My goal is to combine both MCIDs onto my company microsoft account. 

Community Manager

Hi @AlexPiazza ,


Ok , I understand. 

Then you might want to reach out to this community: https://trainingsupport.microsoft.com/en-us/

On MPC we don`t have visiblity over partner acconts, certifications etc. however they might be able to help, as I have seens similar requests there. (:


Have a good day ahead!