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Level 3 Contributor

Microsfot reseller or 3rd party seller

I see ppl selling windows and Microsoft office online in an illegal way, how can I be Microsoft reseller in a legal way and sell the key license and being authorized sell from Microsoft? 

Ahmed Eladham

You can connect with one of the authorized Microsoft Distributors in your area for reselling Retail, OEM and Open license licensing channel, e.g.for UK those are listed here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-gb/Solutions/licensing-distributors

You can also become a CSP Reseller and then connect to one of the CSP providers for reselling in the CSP licensing channel: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership/cloud-solution-provider 



Kind regards,
Level 3 Contributor

can I got from the Microsoft directly or should I ask the distributors to buy from and resell, can you pls explain to me what should I do exactly to be  Microsoft authorized product distributors?


Ahmed Eladham