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MS Team member expiration dates in CSP

Hello Everyone


I have a question regarding the Team Member licences (I work for a MS Gold Partner, Net IT).


I've noticed that several of our clients have a new status with their Team Member licences.

Their new status is red highlighted and gives an expiration date in the near future:






Now, all these clients have licenses which were activated before october 2018 so in my thinking they will not be impacted by the team member enforcement.


Can someone confirm me that this is true and give me some more explanation on what will happen when they expire and assure me that there will be nog impact and no enforcement for these clients?


Thanks in advance!


Kind Regards


Saelens Matthias

Level 7 Contributor

Please look at this post in the Pricing, Licensing & Incentives section of this forum:

Reminder: Upcoming licensing and technical enforce... - Microsoft Partner Community



If you have more questions regarding licensing (changes), please reach out in the PLI section, I am more than happy to help.


@SaelensMatthias While I'm not a Dynamics licensing expert and can not answer the question if there was the plan to enforce movement to the licensing model ( @Marcel_Altena  - do you know?) , I can confirm that if those licenses are set to expire, the licenses will be disabled at this date - so there will be impact.

If you think that that based on the licensing terms they should not expire, please log a support ticket with Partner Center support asap given that some of the licenses will already be disabled in February.

Kind regards,
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Hi @JanoschUlmer 


First off, thanks for the reply!


I've already logged a support ticket at the Partner center, hoping that they can give me some more information.


I think it is strange that they will be disabled given that there was no set expiration date to begin with for these licenses...


Hopefully they can give me some more intel at the partner center 🙂




Kind regards,


I guess the expiration dates were shown as the date for auto-renewal before. In CSP each license always has a 12 month, only because they are auto-renewed they do not expire from a Partner/Customer experience -  in reality each 12 months there is a new contract term (So the old contract expires and a new one is set up automatically). 


So, when they show as "expire" now, it means they were set to Auto-Renew: Disabled manually by the people responsible for the offer.

Kind regards,
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Hi, the Team Members purchased before October 2018 are not immediately impacted by the Team Members enforcements per 1-2-2021, but existing customers are required to migrate to the new Team Members licenses upon their renewal date after 1-1-2021. So the impact is postponed to their renewal date. Unfortunately the renewal date of the OP customer is 1st February 2021, so immediately impacted.


Auto renewal has been turned off regarding the old Team Member licenses. So on 2nd of February, these are absolutely gone!


You as a partner are required to change the Team Members licenses of your customers to the following SKU from the Price List:

Dynamics 365 Team Members



I would change that no later than 31st of January 2021 to be sure. If the Team Member users are facing problems doing their work with the new SKU, you should assume that these are not compliant with the new Team Member rules and should be upgraded to full user licenses asap.

Level 1 Contributor

Hi Marcel


Thanks for the answer!

I was under the impression that clients who purchased before october 2018 were not impacted, as given by the following image by MS:




Level 7 Contributor

This is all correct, but the dates in the yellow square have been shifted towards end of this month. But it impacts all customers who have Team Member licenses, upon renewal. You have some work to do.....

Level 1 Contributor

I agree that the dates have been shifted concerning the dates in the yellow square.

Bu our customer purchased before ocotber 2018 so he fits in the following scenario according to me:


Validate use rights for your team members application ==> dynamics 365 Online application ==> team member licensed users ==> Old Team Member Sku ==> No impact


@JanoschUlmer  can you give your thoughts on this matter also or do you agree with @Marcel_Altena 

I agree with  @Marcel_Altena , I trust his expertise in this. Also with my role I have no Partner Source access to get hands on the additional documents mentioned. The picture you showed might be misleading since with CSP you basically acquire new licenses every 12 month.

Kind regards,
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