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MS Catalyst.

Hi everyone, i want ask for the information about Microsoft Catalyst like a partner, how can work with MS Catalyst?, i need certifications or something diferent ¿can you help me with more information?

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I've been told about the creation of a new MS Catalyst Certification, but there is not any documentation available regarding dates, content and the certification details. Could you indicate me where can I find these?


Also, I'm not finding any trainings in the Microsoft Partner Training Events or Microsoft Public Events. Could you indicate me where can I find these as well?


Thank you very much in advance,




Hi Jorge,


Thank you for your question. We have held 7 Microsoft Catalyst Partner trainings 4 in person last fall and 3 virtual between April and July. To become a Catalyst Partner, you or a colleague of yours is required to complete the training, pass the post-training assessment, and upload a Catalyst offer to Partner Center (you receive more details on this once you complete training and pass the assessment). We are currently working on a fully virtual scaled version of the Microsoft Catalyst Partner training - due to go live in October. 

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How do we sign up for catalyst training?

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Hello Shelby,


at our company, me and a collegaue of mine have successfully passt the online traning of Microsoft Catalyst. By the end, we have received the acknowledge that we are Catalyst accredit. We have also upload a Catalyst offer that is online on AppSource. Can we get also the status as company (not in individul level) as Microsoft Catalyst Partner?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi All, 

Do you know when the MSFT Catalyst Partner Training will be made available? 



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Hello, thank you very much for the information, in fact I have some additional questions.



1.- Is there a person in charge in the Mexico or LATAM area to contact us directly?


2.- When they say that once the training is finished and the exam is solved, they say that we must upload an offer. My question is about this offer, what does it refer to, and what should it include, should it be an offer with the entire IDEA framework, or with any tool?


3.- We are specialists in the part of adoption to change, can we work with any partner in a complementary way where we only support with change or should we propose a solution of the entire framework?


4. Finally, is there documentation online where I can continue to review the information? Thank you very much for your reply.


Thank you very much for your reply.