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MPN ID Verification

I'm trying to sign as my clients' Digital Partner of Record, but I keep on getting "Failed to retrieve partner information for this subscription". Going into my partner dashboard I see a notice around my ID that "Do not use this MPN ID for commercial transactions. For example, CSP, DPOR,etc". What do I do to be able to register as my clients' DPOR? Thank you.

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When you go to account settings and identifiers, you should see multiple MPN ID's and one of them is tagged for transactions. Most will use the Global MPN ID but for transactions it is usually the location MPN ID.

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You need to use a Location ID, not your Organisation one.


You can find your main in

There, the notice will say USE THIS ID Smiley Happy


Or, if you have many Locations, choose one in

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Hello @vestech ,


Thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Partner Community.

According to this Guide:  The administrator role, also known as the owner, is the only role within the customer’s tenant or account that can attach a Digital Partner of Record. Service admins, co-admins, and partners designated as delegated admins do not have the ability to change the Partner of Record. 

The customer will need to add you as DPOR.


Please see more details in the link above.


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