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We need to un-link our MAPS keys from the old tenant to a new tenant, I've logged 3 calls in Partner Center, its been almost 5 days now, still you support from Microsoft received.

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Hi there,

Our Microsoft Action Pack license got expired last month. I am not able to renew it online. And also when I am calling to Microsoft Toll free number it is forwarded to a recorded voice message which is asking asking to lodge complaint online on https://partner.microsoft.com/support but when lodging complaint it says - 


We’re currently experiencing delays in responding to support requests in Asia. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Company name – Interface Systems Group

Location -  Mumbai, India.

Could you please let me know email id on which I can contact to renew our Action Pack subscription?


Thanks & regards,


@Sunil_Yadav : The message says that there is a delay, not that that there is no option to open a ticket. There is no email support available.


Kind regards,
Community Manager

Hi Pieto,


Thank you for your feedback!

Please submit a ticket to Frontline Support in order to get assistance and have this issue tracked, you can use this link: https://partner.microsoft.com/support or submit from your Partner Center dashboard.


Have a great day ahead,