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M365 Support Front-line support is very Pathetic and Miserable

I am not sure why MS Front-line support is very Pathetic and Miserable.. They dont even know what they are telling.  Google search will give better solutions. I am not sure why Micrsoft have degarded the support level to such a pathetic level. The support guys dont even care whatever the issue is and how long it is pending. Not sure how to escalate it, as nobody cares from these vendors for which Microsft have outsoursed it to.

Anyone can help with a proper escaltion path for such issues that need help from Microsoft backend team.

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Related to your Frontline Support experience, I am sorry to hear you had a poor experience.

Please describe your issue, in case other users on this community can advise.

Alternatively, please send me a direct message with your current open case in order to investigate the appropriate escalation path.


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