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Lost access to microsoft partner account


I moved my account from one AD to another AD by deleting it & re-creating it to another AD. Now, my account from previous AD had access to Microsoft Partner account, which I am not able to access now. Also, I am not able to re-enroll my company as MS partner anymore. Which means that I cannot do anything about my partner account. I am just in limbo.


Can someone help me connect my older account to new AD user? I do not have my microsoft partner id, but I can provide my company verification documents.




Do you still have access to any admin account in the old tenant? Or do you at least know the login name of an admin using the default tenant (xyz.onmicrosoft.com) - and could try to recover this account ?This way you might be able to get access to Partner Center again and then you can link the new tenant you created which will allow you to get access to Partner Center & your MPN status with your new account.


If you deleted the complete old tenant, you should contact support to get guidance. Or you register again as partner - this will create a new MPN ID. If there are no benefits you have paid for like MAPS, this could actually be faster then trying to resolve the issue via support.