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License key of one of the products was assigned wrongly with the same process.

We have purchased the Action Pack like every year what is a great product. Went thru the same process as described in the under the MPN license assign instructions and used the link as following . Yes of course I firmly checked if I am login in with the right user and tenant sins it happen do me a few years back, also that time I was sure I was logged in with the right user at that time.


I added the keys for Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Customer Engagement, Microsoft Intune, without any issues and checked each time I am logged in correctly.

The exact same process I did for the Microsoft Office 365 E3 Key and I was still logged in with the right user. But this time it assigned the keys to one of our customers witch I have done some work the day before.

I contact the Partner support to delete the Key that was wrongly assigned, and requested a new one, the answer was I must purchase a new one. Well, if needed this licenses at that client why not, but it is not even allowed to use the keys elsewhere.


Can you please help me to resolve the issue to delete the wrongly assigned key which was just purchased 6 days ago and assign me a new one.