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Incentive COOP Management - set budget for a claim

Hi all,


New to this community, but I'd like to share some feedback with regards to the COOP Management in Partner Center. As I think it would be great if we're able to create a COOP claim and then set a budget for that claim.


That way our marketing people can create claims at the beginning of the claiming period for each of their expected marketing actions, view how much COOP funds they have for the coming usage period, and set a budget for each of the claims.

That would then allocate a part of the funds, not as a claimed budget, but as expected budget. By doing so, they can review how much funds is left for the other claims and therefore manage each claim/marketing action with their own expected budgets. 


It can be a simple numbers field on the form that allows you to fill in an expected budget, that would then also reflect on the small chart (image), maybe in a different colour than the claimed budget. 



Cheers, Martijn E.