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Help in identifying which staff members contribute to which competency in the partner portal

Currently you can get userSkillReport.csv file exported from the MPN portal. I can find out which staff have which qualifications. I also know from the portal which competencies I've gained. What I cannot find out is which staff have been used to gain which competencies. So if I have staff giving notice I don't know what effect this will have until renewal time.

The following changes to the export would be an improvement :

  1. The current column 'Relevant for Competencies (Option) or Programs' is a semi colon separated list. Can this data be normalised to make it easier to analyse, so we have a line per relevant competency. 
  2. Add a 'valid to' date column to the relevant line so we can recognise expired qualification. Or just have an 'expired' flag.
  3. Change the date format so it can be sorted in excel without string manipulation.

Alternatively add named users or their IDs to the competencies section so you know which staff members gained you what competency.





Community Manager

Hi Ian,


This seems like a great functionality for Partner Center and we will make sure this reaches the responsible team!

On this section of MPC however, we welcome suggestions on Community features, new communities to create, and probably others that we may not have thought of yet. Through this space we aim to build a better Partner experience on the Microsoft Partner Community platform.


Thank you,