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Disable MFA with only one global admin

Hello everyone,


I am facing a serious issue. I am running a small tenant with only one global admin (me) and 2 users. MFA is active for all accounts. However, after changing my Smartphone I can't get the Authenticator App work again. I used my personal Microsoft Account to backup and restore my business accounts. But in order to get the Authenticator to work I need a QR code from within Security center inside my account. Fair enough, but I can't login to my account without the Authenticator to get that QR code. I don't get the option to use phone number. And there is no other Administrator. I am locked out of my own tenant now and there is no way to get into it, because I need the Authenticator to get the Authenticator work, but can only reactivate the Authenticator with a working Authenticator. I am stuck.


Can anyone assist?


Thanks in advance



Sorry to hear that, best option is top open a support ticket here in case you can not log into the portal: https://aka.ms/AzurePortalHelp 


When this is resolved, I recommend to apply additional  best practices, like ensuring global admin has at least two different MFA methods configured (Phone + App, or even multiple Apps) so situations like these can be avoid. Also you can think about setting up an emergency admin account that is not used for day-to-day work that can be used to log in (either without MFA configured so can register MFA the first time you are using this, or again with multiple MFA methods). 

Kind regards,
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