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Different O365 Business Subscriptions on one Tenant in CSP - limits?

Hi 🙂


I have a question:  One of my customers wishes to buy Office 365 Business via CSP. The customer has less than 300 Users, so they are good to go with O365 Business - but the customer wishes to receive one invoice for each office. So what we would do usually, is create one "Office 365 Business" Subscription for each office (same product, but different subscription ID, on the same tenant and for the same customer), because in this case we would receive one invoice per subscriptions.


Now a colleague of mine thinks that there is a limit of two subscriptions per tenant for Office 365 Business, but can't seem to remember where this info came from. I know that it is possible to create various subscriptions for all other products in CSP, but I am unsure now in regards to the O365 Business sub.


Can somebody confirm or object? Is there a (technical) limit of O365 Business Subscriptions on a Tenant?


Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Kind regards, Viola