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Difference in DPOR and PAL



I would like to understand difference in DPOR and PAL on detail level like 

what information does PAL provide to MPN ?  Does PAL provide consumption details to MPN ?

Who can register for PAL ?  How PAL will drive competency requirement for consumption ?

How PAL is different from DPOR for customer understanding ?


If all  this has been answered already then guide me towards the thread.


Thanks for support



PAL does allow the Partner to track and get recognition for Azure usage of customers.

Recognition means the Azure consumption will count against competency requirements and Partner might become eligible for getting Incentives.

For CSP Partners selling Azure Plan subscriptions PAL can also be used as one alternative option to make sure they are eligible for Partner Earned Credits


Anybody with a user account that has access permissions on an Azure subscription can use PAL to register a MPN ID for this user account. 

Link an Azure account to a partner ID | Microsoft Docs 

 - For getting Incentives, the permissions need to be contributor or higher. Check MIcrosoft Commerce Incentive guide for details: Partner Incentives (microsoft.com)

 - For getting recognition for competencies, Reader permissons are usually sufficient (For Azure Expert MSP afaik Contributor is required). Check each competency for details: Competency partners (microsoft.com)

 - Recognition will only happen for the resources that this user has access to with his/her permissions.



 - DPOR works only on the subscription level, only one Partner can have DPOR, DPOR works without having access permissions on the resources. DPOR only works for EA and PAYG subscription, not CSP or Azure Plan/MCA subscriptions

 - PAL works on the user level (and the users access to the subscription or resource scope). Multiple Partners can have PAL. PAL will usually give higher incentives. PAL does work with any type of subscription

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