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Delegated O365 Partner Permissions & software.

Hello all,

Im moving back into B2B support having been a long term SharePoint contractor, and I'm really excited at how the Office 365 Business Premium packges can give organisations some real savings.

I have a few clients who have just added me in with their own licences (so I take up a seat on their plan) but recently started a new O365 subscription for a recently established firm of electrical contractors in the UK.

I set up delegated Partner permissions and eventually after a few support calls, and the new Partner Portal, can get to most of their O365 admin and other settings.  That being said, I cannot administer a few things such as OneDrive.  I had expected my UI to be almost identical to the UI when I log in as a client seat licence as the client, but this seems not to be the case.

One of the support partners suggested that partners dont see the same level or systems as the client, so how are we to administer things we cannot see ?  One support person said I needed a client licence per client ?

On another note, as an Action Pack subscriber, my E3 licences dont give me the same products as the Business Premium (Bookings/Staff Hub etc).

How can a Partner with Action Pack subscription be expected to support and become knowlegeable about products that our clients have if we dont get them ourselves (I was told when I took Action Pack subscription out I would have access to all MS Products).

Thanks for any advice to a long term partner and one returning to actively support and help end user businesses.