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Level 1 Contributor

Customer is unable to see perpetual licenses

We ordered perpetual licenses for a customer from our direct CSP. The licenses do not show up in the customers admin center. The direct CSP claim it is a microsoft problem, microsoft partner support has passed the ticket around no less than 4 times and it has been open for almost two months. The tickets get picked up by random support departments. I have a customer who is getting extremely unhappy. How can I escalate?


@SLW The Indirect provider needs to handle ticket, it is their responsibility to escalate this - and they also have direct contacts at Microsoft via their advanced support contract to drive the escalation. 

Note: If you order via another CSP Partner for an customer of yours, you are a "Indirect"/2-tier Reseller buying via an "Indirect"/2-Tier provider" - Direct CSP ("1-Tier") will sell directly to customers with no other reseller involved.


Can you PM me the ticket ID for the support request?


Also, on a general note, the downloads are only visible for an admin account sourced in the customer tenant - they will not be visible when accessing the M365 admin portal of the customer using delegated admin users sourced in the Partner tenant. From your description this it does not sound that this is what you did, just adding this for completeness.

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Level 1 Contributor
Level 1 Contributor

Thanks for the clarification on the Indirect/Direct thing. I do know that this is their responsibility to escalate, but I am somehow stuck in the middle


I am aware of the download visibility limitations and I can confirm that the licenses do not show up in the customer's admin portal as global admin. I will PM details now. Thank you!