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Change email address

Looking over profile and settings, there doesn't seem a way to enable a change of email address? We have recently changed email addresses, so ok for moment with forwarding, but will need to stop that soon. Anyone else had this issue.

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Re: Change email address

Hi @bex300662! We are looking into this problem, and will reply shortly with an answer. 

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Re: Change email address



Any further news on this?



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Re: Change email address

Hi, any update here?

Where can I change my email address?

Will also be soon looking at the end off forwarding ;-0

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Re: Change email address

Hi @Anonymous! Thanks for your patience on this item. 

Unfortunately, a change in e-mail address is not possible in our current system. 

Because of GDPR regulations, the e-mail address that's tethered to your MPC account has a unique id associated with it. 

This means that to change an e-mail addresss would be to create a new ID number, which is techincally a different than the account you currently have. 

If you're interested in changing your e-mail address, you'll have to create a new account on MPC. 

I know this is not an ideal experience, but GDPR regulations mandate it. 

With that being said, I am happy to help you any way I can to restore your MPC experince. 

Talk soon!

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Re: Change email address

Thanks for the bad news. This limitation appears to be a fundamental problem with the Lithium platform because I have experienced the same thing in many different portals. The fact that badges and other historical information is not portable is disappointing

Given that we can't change our email address, how can we delete the old profile that we no longer want to use?


Dean Gross
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Re: Change email address

Hi TJ,

Is it possible to change our Author/profile/user name? 

For example, 

Can I change my profile name to "Umut Altinay" instead of "Umut Altinay_ETG"?





Re: Change email address


Very Good Day  UmutAltinay_ETG

If you want to change your company legal name, yes you can do it, however I suggest  you to  contact support directly.

They will assign an agent to guide you through the whole process, here is some info that may help: 


Verify and update your profile information

  1. Go to the Settings icon and select Partner settings.
  2. Review your Partner profilePartner billing profile, and Organizational profile.
  3. If you need to change the details of your legal address, your company may be contacted for verification. Changing your legal details may affect your tax information. Make sure your tax information remains accurate. Contact support with questions.





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Re: Change email address

Dear Laura,

Thank you for your reply.


Accually I just wanted to change my personal profile name to "Umut Altinay". It's "UmutAltinay_ETG" right now.

I don't want to change our company's legal name.


Thanks in advance,



Re: Change email address

UmutAltinay_ETG Happy Last Friday of 2018!!


If you Migrated already, I dont think you can make changed to the PMC account, However  in PC you can  as long as you are the global admin.